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Haitong Unitrust International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.("Haitong UT" or the "Company") was established in July 2004. In January 2014, Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. ("Haitong Securities ") closed the acquisition of Haitong Unitrust, setting a precedent in China for securities firms' acquisition of financial leasing enterprises. The Group is a large and steadily growing financial leasingcompany in China. As the sole leasing platform and one of the key strategic segments of Haitong Securities, a leading securities firm in China, the Company offers customeroriented and comprehensive financial services to a diverse group of customers across various industries. The Company strives to become the financial leasing company that leads industry innovation with the characteristics of capital market.

On June 3, 2019, the Company was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock code of 1905.HK , and was the first listed securities-affiliated financial leasing company in China.

The Group has been adhering to its role as a financial service provider of the real economy and has been grasping favorable opportunities arising from the major transformation of economy of China for many years. The Group has also pursued the operating strategies of “cross-border thinking, promoting innovative development, strengthening our capacity and grasping business opportunities”. Based on its customer strategy of maintaining a balanced customer base, the Group has provided tailored services to a wide range of customers, including LMEs, MSE & retail customers. Through implementing a “One Body, Two Wings” development strategy, we have expanded the geographical and customer coverage of our domestic and overseas business. As such, our local teams have been able to develop expertise that is most pertinent to the local market environments. Company’s headquarters is located in Shanghai and operates six specialized business departments, namely Public Services Department, Information and Environmental Protection Department, Construction Department, Health Care Business Department, Advanced Manufacturing Business Department and Asset Transaction and Structured Financing Department. We have also established 17 branches. Our branch network also encompasses a number of subsidiaries in areas including Hong Kong, Tianjin and Shanghai.

As at June 30, 2021,, Haitong Unitrust’s share capital reached RMB8.235 billion, and credit rating was AAA (stable outlook), and the total assets and total equity of the Company amounted to RMB110,899.8 million and RMB16,708.7 million. Boosting more than 1,500 employees, Haitong Unitrust had a business presence in more than 400 cities in China as well as in Hong Kong, Ireland, etc.

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